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Why Buy

from CBB?

Transformative Self-Care for Radical Beings

Tired of keeping up with the colonial world? Me, too.

I started this business with a vision of aligning work with cyclical ebbs & flows, honoring that others deserve the same.


No more constant grind.

We are ecosystems, not machines.

In a world that wants to capitalize off of your insecurities, I'm daring you to invest in yourself, just as you are.

These products are a deep dive into the celestial pools of Self Love and Self Care.


You're perfect, and you deserve ritualistic practices to honor that.

Slow down with these handcrafted, botanical delights. Let your skin drink up plant nourishment and your nervous system rejoice in the pause of loving up on yourself.

Caring for yourself is the first step to caring for your community.

Do you agree?

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