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About Me

I have been interested in holistic healing for as long as I can remember, really. As an early teen, I began to self-study plant healing. My endeavors have become more "serious" through the years, leading me to attend a more formal education through Green Path Herb School.

I am inspired by creating kinship between people and plants. My goal is to provide community members with access to knowledge, products, and services which offer transformative  and restorative healing. I serve radical beings who wish to treat their bodies as ecosystems.

My offerings provide an opportunity to put your money into a local community, while supporting a queer, Latine-owned business which focuses on crafting small-batch products and offering restorative healing services. It is an invitation to slow down, invest in yourself, and invest in community.

Education and Certifications

430 hours of training in the art and science of Western Herbalism, including Herbal Therapeutics, Materia Medica, Herbal Pharmacy, Botany, Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, Field Work, Clinical Case Studies, and Associated Health Topics.

completion of levels I, II, & III (also known as Reiki "Master") as well as an ongoing  1:1 mentorship with Inner Peace Reiki's founder/director, Neil Chaput de Saintonge. 


My Philosophy

I feel grateful for all of the knowledge that I've absorbed through the years. I also look forward to continuing my learning, as plants have so much to teach us! I am humbled by this path. I walk forward with the knowledge that I am both a teacher and a student. I am not a doctor, nor do I care to be called a healer. I believe that humans have an innate power to heal themselves. My goal is to offer self-care products, and energy healing services which directly combat our fast-paced, colonial society.

My products are made with sustainability in mind. I mean this is the most holistic sense of the word. I craft self-care products using earth-based materials, sourcing from local businesses and businesses that are deeply committed to sustainability, like Meadowsweet Herbs, and Mountain Rose Herbs. I rarely use wildcrafted ingredients, as I do not feel it is ethical to capitalize off of traditional lands, or to take too much medicine from communal space. I deeply care about our planet, & believe that it is our main source of healing.

Rather than putting out a constant stream of products, I align my efforts with cyclical flows. This means that my creation process is also sustainable for me. Seasonal changes and my own internal cycles inform this process. If my Shop is empty, this means I  am resting or focusing efforts elsewhere.

I also believe that healing with plants is our birthright; I hope to create a safe & inclusive space for everyone, but especially LGBTQ2S+ and BIPOC folx. I know I can always do better. I am open to any insight or suggestions on this front.

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